Join us in using Artificial intelligence

Our company was founded recently, but draws on almost twenty years of experience of our team members in the development of intelligent systems. We want to pursue this activity exclusively in the future, that is why we are looking for collaborators in these fields:

Business partners

Are you a good trader and want to expand your scope and learn something new? Or did you buy our product and know about someone who also needs it? We offer you the opportunity to sell our products with artificial intelligence and get a high trading discount.

Upon conclusion of the agreement, we will send you products with a license valid with proof of payment. We will send you a product after sending the amount less your discount to our account licensed to you.

Developers of IT products

Are you a developer of IT systems or are you interested in artificial intelligence and want to create intelligence systems yourself? We will provide you with our tried and tested Windows modules that you can use on your systems.

We will provide intelligent systems

  • as executable programs. You create text file entries, run the program, and download the results in text form.
  • as dll libraries attachable in C ++, C #, ORACLE, or other languages maintaining the same conventions

We will provide documentation, teach you and provide technical support.


Are you researchers and extensive experience in intelligent systems development? We offer cooperation on grants and research projects.