Join us in using Artificial intelligence

Our company was founded recently, but draws on almost twenty years of experience of our team members in the development of intelligent systems. We want to pursue this activity exclusively in the future, that is why we are looking for collaborators in these fields:

Business partners

Businesses, individuals who want to sell our finished products. Our proven software achieves high cost, material and energy savings. We provide a high margin.

Developers of IT products

Companies, individuals who apply in their software our modules in Windows in a fair license available in two modifications

  • as executable programs in batch processing. You create the input as text files, start the program, and get the results in text form.
  • as dll libraries attachable in C ++, C #, ORACLE, or others, maintaining the same conventions

We will provide documentation, teach you and provide technical support


We offer cooperation on grants and research projects. We offer extensive experience in intelligent systems development

Advertising companies

We will place your advertisement on our website or presentation under favorable conditions. The site is visited from all over the world. We will give you access statistics for your review