Company process optimization

We can help you with Business Process Improvement realization. Our software solution is suitable not only for production process but also for other company processes such as administration or logistics. The goal can be software known as Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems suitable for production process optimization based on real changes (i.e. unplugged delivery, demand changes). Software operates with real data and it is capable to do predictive simulation.

Production process optimization

We have strong background in production process optimization where we have been working during couple of years. Particularly we have experience in heavy industry, light industry and metallurgy. Production process is only one which creates the value. Management should permanently improve it. The quality, the speed, the costs, the standardization and other parameters influence profitability of production process and profitability of company as a whole. You can achieve your goals defined for example by Lean management with our software. Our software uses mathematical models and artificial intelligence. It can process discrete and continuous processes. It can also do optimization of geometric objects tailored to your requirements and your specific conditions. The result can be decrease of wastage rate, increase in quality and similar.

Optimization of complex of production processes

If there are more production processes in value chain it is recommended to do optimization above all cooperating processes. This is the only way which can assure total optimization containing parts and transitions between them.

System integration

We provide system integration of our software solution with your existing systems. You can use our software in in-house systems for example production line control system is optimized in real time.

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